The life and times of Pokerz

hummm... 4 years since I wrote anything in here.
No wonder that stuff down lower seemed like really old news.
The only reason I looked here was bescause I was looking
at the error logs and denying hackers IP addresses and saw
this page was giving some error codes, I think they're fixed now
I love blocking those little bastids that try to mess with the site!
You can hear my voice here.
Imagine yourself doing live free shows on your webcam.
If you are a model and want to be paid to fiddle yerself,
contact me and I will set you up with a studio that does
just that, pays you for sitting in a studio and showing
your assets for cold hard cash! Seems a bit wached to me
but it is tuue. If you want to make ten bucks, go to and click on the link, MAKE TEN BUCKS
It works, they sent me ten bucks!
Our new server is super fast and sweet as a candy apple
red 1969 Camaro souped to the hilt! Now offering hosting
for 10 bucks a month, unlimited bandwidth to businesses.
Legitimate business, not the muck-a-luck fly by night hoodlums!

If you need a good host, contact me.

I will try to update this more often...BLAAA!!
Maybe in the year 2012 I will add another update in here.
Peace be with you all, Cya!
PS: I know who you are and I saw where you went!

OK, I am still with the living. Been getting
busy doing tummy and legs contests and re-writting the
front page of my site.
Got so sick of sending tons of traffic to those places
that I am affiliated with and not getting any traffic or
being paid for all my efforts, so 90% of them are gone and
soon it will be 95% of them if I do not hear back on problems.
Another thing that pisses me off is these girls that beg
to get listed on the peek page and then for all my efforts, after
I have made their page and I see they have made the link exchange
they change their mind in two weeks and take the ricip. link down
so, I send them like 200 to 800 hits a day and not one hit coming
back into my site. They say sh*t like "I only link to my
personal friends" or "My Mommy told me I can't link". WTF?
For this problem, I have found a solution! I watch the log files
close and if anyone listed does not send one hit in 30 days....
POOF, their ass is outie here! The page I made for them is still
there, but their pic and links are dead. Ef them little bastids
that mess with me! LOL
On a brighter note: ummm...there isn't one right now...
oh yea, there is! there are 5 new girls on the peek page
that are way cool and also there is an adult chat for all
the freaks to go talk dirty and be friggin stupid. You
might find me in there checking up on the hotties!
I also made a cool page for the tugboat pics
That is all, I will write more in 6 months
CU, peace!
OK, 3 months is a long time! I have been
working on all kinds of cool stuff at
home and not thinking about the site much.
Although, I did find the coolest site and
you can see a boatload of girls with or
without their clothes on. I was amazed at
how many girls will show there stuff! You
can see it all here for free!!! Yep you
got it, all for free! I could not believe
it myself until I checked it out! Oh
yeah, their was some girl in the shower
on the showercam, I think it was the first
time I saw her take a shower...dirty girl!
That is it for this quarter, see you in 3
or 6 months...LOL...Peace!
WOW! It has been like 2 months since this
has been updated...sorry! Been real busy
getting all the spring stuff (garden,
planting trees, sowing fields) done and now
summer is here. Time to ride the Harley's
and get crazy with I have time
for that! Started 3 new leg contests and
a new tummy contest with a lot
of hotties in there! New tummy pics are coming
in but, not as fast as I would like.
A lot of new cam people have submitted
their stuff to be on the cam portal. You can
submit your live webcam page by clicking here.
I will be cutting back on the affiliate bullshit
on the splash page because it only
takes away from what CondoCams is all about....WebCams!!!
If you are ever riding a horse real fast, DON'T
turn right when the horse has taken a left...
You will fly...thump...bounce....and yell
and it hurts too!! LOL...That happened to me
last Sunday morning in front of a croud of friends.
Burny called and asked if I would be a trick rider
at his daughters birthday party!! LOL...Like
I even know how to ride those damn horses!!!
I made this girl cry...Me bad!
Back to work here..e-mail me if you have anything
intelligent in your head! C YA!!!!
Unreliable People
If you ever use someone elses free stuff
I can tell you that you will get burned!
I used HitBox by web side story for a counter
and they started showing adult content
banners on my site. Hey not that it bothers
me, just that there are young and old
people that may be offended by that.
So, Hit Box as a counter is history!
Moral to the story:
Thanks! C U
FREAKS & Webcams!
Now I am beginning to see a LOT
of people copy my original idea
behind the concept of condocams.
Well, actually, right after Wilz and I started
the site back in 1996, they started
using our idea. Oh well, some people
just can't think on their own and
need to use other people's
ideas although there are a few that have
done a very nice job creating thier
websites based on our original idea!
I will not expose the brainless wonders!
Maybe some time in the future I will :-)
Do you need a webcam ?
Click here to see the cameras
I have and I have them listed in the order
that worked the best for me. The links when
you 'go look' are to the best prices on
each item that I could find on the net! So
shop no more and click to buy!
Thanks! C U Peace!
OK, I see that it is now a new year already and
I have not written anything here in over 3 months.
Life has been very hectic. I have broadcast a lot
of live events on the net since the last entry.
Most of them private parties and weddings of the
rich and famous. How posh! LOL...caviare anyone?
If you see this and want me to broadcast your
private event, simply drop me an E-mail and
let me know the time, date and type of event that
You wish for me to broadcast, and I will let you know
the small fee I charge for such an event.
If you have a webcam, please go to the sign up page
to get listed on CondoCams!
Send in your tummy pics and win!
Bla...blaa...blaaa...whatever...C Ya
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
The concert Webcast of the band
High Noon went GREAT!
The crowd was plentiful at the bar and the chat
room was over-crowded!!! WOW!!
I met a girl at the bar
At 1st I thought she was ugly
then she bought me a beer!
Strange how beer effects me!
It has been a VERY busy month!
Only had time to dig 4 holes then
the ground froze. Oh well, there is always
next year to plant more trees. Now that the
cold weather is here it will give me time to
do some painting inside the house.
The deck will be re-stained in the!
If we get an early spring, there will be many
holes to be dug! Looking forward to that! Going
to plant larger trees so that we can enjoy them
B4 we die. The little trees will not be big until
long after we are all dead and gone.
Hey! I am not a tree hugger, just need to build a
wind break out of trees, if you looked at the
house pic, you can see what I'm talkin about.
I talk to my friend in Texas all the time with
my phonecard. I only pay
1.9 cents per minute, so a one hour call only
costs me $1.53!! ATT would chage me around 18 bucks!
I think if you make calls to friends and talk
for a long time, you should get one of the phonecards
One of our cats, Timmy (rest his soul) pissed in the house. So
I got some Pink ExSTINK to get rid of the smell.
And man did it STINK!!!! We decided to get new carpet
and when we pulled up the old stuff...eeeuuuugh!
There it was in all it's glory....Pee smell...yummy!
We sprinkled the ExSTINK on the wood to pull
out the odor B4 putting down the new carpet and
Thank the lord, it worked!!! No more odor!! YEA!!
Now we have new carpet and fresh, clean air to breath!
Next holiday is Christmas and it is almost time
to go out and cut one of those trees down and
bring it in to decorate. Last years tree was very nice!
With any luck, this years will turn out just as nice!
I will try to update this more often...BLAAA!!
Peace be with you all
Added a new person to the celebrity page.
Put Lexi's banner on her preview page.
Deleted a bunch of junk and one dude from the club
Added a few pics to the club, I wonder.... Does
anyone know how to upload pics besides me and some
freak that wants to show something that is sick?
I am thinking the club sucks.....maybe I will delete it
My delete button is getting a work out! It is becoming
a part of my hand and my mind, all I think about is
delete...delete...delete...what else can I delete??
The printing on my delete button is nearly unreadable
I am possessed by the demon delete button!!
more on this subject after the exorcism...
The club is gone...deleted...
As usual, Thursday night is Fool night (pool nite).
Things, right off the bat were going great/ Assigned
StickMan to handle the tedious task of deciding who to
match up with who for the matches. A Corona was delivered to
me via teleconesis, that was cool! Finished that free beer
and went up to the bar (the waitress station) to
rejuvenate my empty. As I was paying for it (I hate that part!)
I dropped a quarter...ooops...I moved my boot to
cover it (cuz the barflies would grab it if I didn't),
After I tipped the bartender, reaching across the waitress
standing there, I bent down, behind the waitress to pick up
my nearly lost fortune and I hear this voice, the waitress's voice,:
"HEY Buddy! I wouldn't hang out down there! I have gas!"
OH MAN.....I totally lost it right there! The rest of the night
was awesome! A lot of fart jokes and we, as a team, kicked
the opponents royal hinnies in our pool match, taking
well over 800 points and giving up only 172 points to them.
The moral to the story:
If you drop a quarter behind a waitress, do not
I repeat, DO NOT pick it up!
This space is left blank intentionally
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