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Tugboat / Towboat versus Bridge
Do not try this at home. Remember, this is a professional captain!
This is a series of pictures of a towboat getting sucked under
a bridge during spring high waters. It looks like he missed the drawbridge opening.
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Image hosting by Condocams...Peek at People..and Pets too! Girls n guys with webcams.
See the history of the tug boat pics here.

The author of these images, an amateur photgrapher named Barger.
The incident happened on April, 1979 at Demopolis, AL on the Warrior River.
The boat is an MV Cahaba tugboat owned by Warrior and Gulf Navigation of Mobile, AL
No people or animals were injured and the boat finished it's journey
and the bridge has been replaced since then.

This page was made so more people could see this incredible
series of pictures of the tug boat getting sucked under the bridge.
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