CondoCams Nice Legs Contest #1
Look at the legs then vote on your favorite below!

*Sally* contestant #1
Vote for Sally!

*Lace* contestant #2
vote for Lace!

*Missy* contestant #3
Vote for Missy!

*Lulu* contestant #4
Vote for Lulu

*Toots* contestant #5
Vote for Toots

This contest has been completed
The winner after 30 days was contestant #5
We thought there was some cheating going on with a couple
of the contestants but, after we checked the log files
and reset the counter, we came to the conclusion that #5 won
it fair and square! So, contestant #5 has been shipped her
prize and goes to the finals!
Congratulations Toot's!

A special thanks to all that voted!
You can keep voting if you like.
We will keep the poll open just for the fun of it.

Nice legs contest #1
Which legs do you like the best?

I like the legs of #1
I like the legs of #2
I like the legs of #3
I like the legs of #4
I like the legs of #5


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