Nice Legs Contest FAQ's
Well...Simple rules anyway!

If you think you have REALLY hot legs, you
may send them in to the judge
for review for future contests. Because of popular demand
we will continue the legs contests (everyone likes legs!)
So, get out your camera and snap those gams!

To submit your pic, simply copy and paste the following
form and attach your nice legs pic into an
E-mail to

My real name is:
My anonymous legs pic name:
My password for winning:
My E-mail address:
My Website URL (web page address):
My Internet service provider:
My City, State and Country:
The prize I would like to win:
Give us some ideas for prizes:
I am a female and at least 18 years of age and agree to place my legs pic on CondoCams.

If you have questions, E-mail them in.
Nice Legs Contest

Please only vote for yourself once every two weeks.
Let the viewers do the voting!
There is a cheaters script that logs your IP Address,
so, don't try to cheat or you will be disqualified.
Yes, we have had to disqualify someone...:(

The winner will have to send in their snail mail address
to have their prize mailed to them. This information will be
kept safe from the public and will not be used in any
form or manner except to mail you your prize.

All contests will have a final judging by our
expert panel of judges to ensure the fairness of the competition.
Please only vote for yourself once a week!
Best of luck to all the contestants!


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