CondoCams Fun meter buttons!

The pointer moves to show how much fun you are having!
Get one for your friend, family member or co-worker.
Better yet, get one for yourself!
Click here to order a bunch for a special occasion or party from
You can wear them to the bar, bingo, concerts, sporting events, birthday party,
out dancing or even to school. Some people say they wear their Fun Meter to
bed and even in the shower, in the do they do that?

The price is just $3.50 each.
To purchase one or more Fun Meter buttons with your
personal check or US issued major credit card
click the 'ADD to Cart' button below.

Your shopping cart will POP in a new window.

Here are a few people that submitted their pics wearing the button!

Cruellas' Webcam!Cori at Krosnoff
Spygirls' Cam
Anabellas' EmpireJessica WebCam
Veros' welt

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After you get your button, snap a pic of yourself wearing your new
Fun Meter button and we will post it on this page and ad a link to
your home page. Be sure to attach your pic and send your URL to

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