smoke it, smoke it gratefully
smoke it, smoke it gratefully
These stickers are very cute. We have 9 of these left. They measure 4" x 4". They are made of clear mylar with presure sensitive adhesive. The background is clear with a nice blue/purple and forest green design with the Greatful Dead fuzzy Bear logo holding a pretty (pot) plant and a bong. It also has hearts and peace signs along the border. Heart, peace sign, heart, peace sign. The label has the words "Smoke it, Smoke it Gratefully" screen printed on it. These decals were screen printed two colors on clear and laminated. They were never used because they still have the 90 lb. liner on the back. I got these at a Grateful Dead concert in 1989. Jerry Garcia was awesome! The decal would brighten up any kitchen or look cool on you car window or just about anywhere. Keep your sticker safe because it is for sure a collectors item!
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