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The 2002/2003 football and ice skate polls you can still vote on are funny!

You can vote on nice legs here or nice tummy's here

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My Ballot Box
The bumper sticker above will sell for $2.99 each. Would you buy one?

Yes, the price is good, where can I get one.
Yes, if the price was only 2 bucks.
Yes, even if cost is $15.00 plus $10 shipping.
Yes, Made in U.S.A. is the only way to go.
Yes, and I'm not even a US citizen.
Yes, just to do my part to help keep an American working
No, the price is too high
No, I'm from China and support Communism
No, I am in upper management at a large corporation
No, I support large american corporate outsourcing

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Football poll for women
Ladies, why do you like to watch football?

Current Results
For Men ONLY! / ice skate
Why do you like to watch ice skating?

Current Results

CondoCams! It is COOL!
What type of cams would you like to see more of? [79 votes total]

Girls (66) 84%
Guys (4) 5%
pets (2) 3%
indoor (4) 5%
outdoor (3) 4%


OK, OK already! We will try and get more Girls cams!

CondoCams! Promo items
If CondoCams made promotional items, which one would you prefer? [100 votes total]

Coffee mugs (21) 21%
Hats (6) 6%
T-shirts (36) 35%
Bumper stickers (13) 13%
Tank tops (24) 24%

We are printing T-shirts and Tank tops! Please go to our page to vote if you want one!

Favorite Condocams Cam winner 12/6/1999 is Jessica!

Vote for your favorite CondoCams Cam! [150 votes total]

Bratcam (5) 3%
ADCS ShopCam (4) 3%
NoodleCam (18) 12%
TigerCam (5) 3%
CoffeeCabinCam (1) 1%
EdCam (0) 0%
SharkCam (7) 5%
CamTasticCam (2) 1%
AnnabellaCam (4) 3%
BullDogCam (1) 1%
JessicaCam (24) 16%
HydeSiteCam (0) 0%
TantriCam (1) 1%
BarCam (12) 8%
Wolf'sCam (2) 1%
PokerzCam (4) 3%
CheetahCam (0) 0%
CoupleCam (16) 11%
ChenellCam (2) 1%
LeelaLiveCam (12) 8%
SelenaCam (10) 7%
CuriousityCam (0) 0%
RhondaCam (4) 3%
ClassRoomCam (11) 7%
Ginger's WolfCam (5) 3%
The winner this month is Jessica! Congratulation!

Question of the week
What did you see in the shower?
A man (11)


A woman (19)


A cat (7)


A dog (1)


other (10)


Total Votes: 48

CondoCams! Hummm...seems like many things have been seen in the shower!

Confused...oops..voted for the wrong guy??? You decide Look at the W Palm Beach ballot.
This poll was deleted, sorry.
The results were quite funny and the comments were gut wrenching!
It was about whether or not you understood the ballot....