Ladies and Gentlemen,
Please Embrace,
The Story of Mel.

First, we'll start with Mel's


Ya see, Mels mom drank too much cough syrup one night and
got a little frisky with her big, stud hubby...

...and soon, after only 4 months of gestation,
there was Mel...

Every so often, during Mel's Youth
on hot, sweaty, humid, summer nights
when Mel's lights were out,
and it was very dark,
this man would visit Mel in his room.

Mel never knew why.

Mel grew up very slowly,
and so did his teeth...and yes,
like all people,
he soon made friends...

This is Hank and Sissy.

Mel loves Sissy...

Hank and Sissy had "this"

a few months ago...

One summer, back in '98,
Mel went to his first rock concert. (Johnny Insest and
The Big String Throw-Down tour)
A women, he thinks, gave him the rest of her "magic juice" to finish.

a few hours later...

Mel felt very funny, yet was distracted by all the
dancing alians.

When Mel came home he was watching
"The Blair Witch Project"...

When, for no reason, he thought it was time
to wash his cat.

I'll give you three guesses how his dog Spot
felt about that!!

Speaking of Spot, one day Spot
got pissed at Mels' friends...and barked them all
over the edge of the cliff in Mel's back yard...

Mel's buddies finally caught up with him
and taught Mel a little lesson

After Mel got his act together from the fall, he came home
and took his last PROZAK pill...

Suddenly, Mel's little piggy, "K-9", told Mel to
go skiing.


About an hour later, Mel tried extreme skiing,
but never felt as if he fit in with all the other cool dudes
and after he got altitude sickness and puked,
he had to go to the lodge and clean
his teeth out...

He'll be ok I'm sure... long as he can keep his ass

on the trail!!

Anyway, one day Mel was walking down the road and
and saw Bobbie Billard doing a photo shoot.
Mel couldn't see that good, so
he went up for a closer look...

* * * * * * * * *

Keep watching for the never ending story of Mel.
It's such a fun life he leads...

I just had to put up a link so
you can score these teeth!!