Make Ten Bucks $10.00

We pay you $10.00 US money
It costs you nothing and you can start
making up to $90 for each person you pay $10

Here is how it works and it must be done in this order:
1. You clear all cookies on your computer.
2. Click the link below.
3. Pick either type of account PG or full access.
3. If full access, hit the $1 button and then ENTER.
5. Create a new user account and make note of the time.
6. Figure out your IP address at the time of new account creation.
7. Send an e-mail with the time you created your
account and the IP address you had when signing up.
8. Include your mailing address in the e-mail.
9. Sit back and wait for your check for ten bucks.

Here is the link: iFriends Free Sign up

If you already have an iFriends account, you are
not eligible to receive the check for ten dollars.

If you are new, you will
receive a check for ten dollars within 30 days of submitting
your IP address, the time you signed up and your mailing address.

This is for real, we have mailed out over 100 checks already!

Along with your check for $10.00, you will receive instructions
on how you too can be able to pay out $10.00 to your friends by
having them create a new account.

Where do I e-mail my IP address, time I signed up and mailing address?

Good question!
Send your info to the webmaster of Condocams
The e-mail address is
Make sure the subject line reads 'Make ten bucks'

Once the webmaster of Condocams verifies and double checks the log
files and account creation log files and matches up your IP address
along with the time that the account was created, a check will be cut
and mailed out to you directly. Your IP address is the MOST important thing!

When you create your new account, they will charge $1.00 to your credit card.
This is to verify that you are of the legal age to get into the site.
You need not do anything else or ever go back to the site although you
may want to with the huge amount of entertainment available there.
Just go about your life as usual and your check and instructions on how
to pay your friends ten bucks will arrive in your mail box within 30 days.
If you are underage or offended by anything, DO NOT click the link!

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